From Siloed Solutions to Collaborative Symphony: Leading the Product Conference 2023

From Siloed Solutions to Collaborative Symphony: Leading the Product Conference 2023

About The Client

The client is an American multinational mass-media and entertainment corporation. They are one of the United States’ Big Three television networks and a major Hollywood film studio.

The Background

The marketing department of the client approached us with two problems:

  1. There was no effective and engaging way for them to share and present the ROI of their advertisements to their customers while keeping them updated regularly.
  2. The process to customize advertisement plans based on a budget and timeline was a manual and cumbersome process. The client wanted a solution that was fast and intelligent.

Our Services

Consulting & Planning
Information Architecture
UI/UX Design
Enterprise Application Development


  1. Providing the highest level of enterprise-grade security
  2. Designing and implementing effective data modeling on Big Data
  3. Presenting a seamless and robust user interface

The Solution

After conducting thorough research on the existing business processes and figuring out all possible future use cases, a customized web application was proposed.

We built a robust web application powered by microservices architecture, which connected with the existing enterprise back-end and database. The application was built to perform multiple data modeling on actions customized by us and provides details on the ROI data for the advertisements targeted to the customers. Additionally, it serves as a seamless and intelligent tool for their internal employees to modify customers’ advertisement plans on the go with the help of an intuitive recommendation engine.

Results Delivered

The Application Was Widely Appreciated By The Client And The End-Users, Who Are Some Of The World’s Most Distinguished Businesses.

This Application Reduced The Workload Of Internal Employees By More Than 90% While Recording A 15% Increase In ROI For Its Customers On The Plans Recommended By The Sophisticated Engine.